troodon laser tag pistol

Diversify Your Laser Tag Armory.

The TROODON laser tag pistol is a great addition to any laser tag operation, providing a broad feature set and designed for inclusivity. Younger players love using the Pistol, while older players are able to configure the pistol to support a wide variety of new weapons and roles. Cool!

Using the IGM game manager, operators are able to customize the Pistol with an assortment of weapon attributes, including shot distance, ammo, shields and sounds.

The Pistol can be used within a fire team for aggressive and fast room clearing, or customized to be a sub-machine gun, sawed-off shotgun or any other weapon type.

Imagine the excitement when playing with Troodon as a sub-machine gun….WOOT!

(turn your speakers up!)

Laser tag pistol
Troodon Pistol
laser tag fun for everyone
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