Gamification - The New Frontier

A computer, a server, a WI-FI router, a video and content streaming device and a laser tag control unit – ALL IN ONE.

No apps, no software installation, just connect with any of your devices – desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

This portable game console manages your laser tag games anywhere: in a forest, a ruined factory building, in the mountains, in your adventure park or in your arena, it controls all laser tag equipment, laser tag accessories, screens, smartphones with player app and other devices. 

In addition to it’s power, it’s compact size and it’s mobility, the SmartBox3 can be operated on AC or DC power, with or without an internet connection.

SmartBox3 WIFI Host

Wireless, fast and seamless connection without any difficult settings.

No matter if you play indoor or outdoor, control all your devices realtime, connecting straight to the SmartBox 3 WIFI, EVEN WITHOUT ANY ONLINE INTERNET CONNECTION. Laser tag gears, Accessories, Screens, Smartphones

SmartBox3 on Your Network

If you are operating a large area, cover it all with a WIFI network.

Connect the Intager SmartBox to your network and control all your devices in the range of your network, EVEN WITHOUT ANY ONLINE INTERNET CONNECTION. Send statistics or game info into your lobby while the players are playing interactive games outside and you are with them….

Designed for Indoors

Custom Arena Designs

Extra USB for touchscreens or DMX, HDMI for video and other contents, Infra sensors for player check-in or other functions, infra shoot for gates or other functions, RGB LED strips.

team games with laser tag equipment

Designed for Outdoor

Operating From Built-in Battery

Full operation from the 10 000 mAh built-in battery for minimum 10-14 hours in case of permanent intensive usage thar is perfect for any outdoor use case.


Designed for Operators

Firmware Updates

Forget the difficult updates of the laser tag devices and do it all with one click via the Intager SmartBox WIFI. Yes, you can update your devices even without online internet connection!!!

smartbox3 laser tag game console

Professional laser tag guns from Intager Entertainment are part of the innovative PLATFORM3 laser tag system. A turnkey hardware, software and marketing platform for any size indoor, outdoor or mobile laser tag operator. For more information on the Raptor3 tag gun, or the complete equipment package, please contact us at your earliest convenience.