Raptor3 Laser Tag Gun

PROfessional Laser Tag.

The Raptor3 laser tag gun is your best choice for user experience and profitable operations! 

Raptor3 is not just a laser tag gun, but a very sophisticated Gamer Device.  The gun incorporates a variety of gamer focused engineering;

  • Recoil
  • Vibration module
  • Hit feedback
  • Professional class LCD screen orientated towards the player
  • Custom made, high-quality sound sets
  • Grenade launcher second shot tube
  • Wired red dot scope
Combined with the SmartBox3 and the IGM game manager, all come together to provide your guests with a live video game experience.

PRO Laser Tag Optics

Intager PRO Laser Tag Gun Optics

Eye-safe infra-red (IR) technology calibrated ONE BY ONE on the Intager Optical Test Benches.
Outstanding resolution for accurate, reliable and seamless operation. No successful but unregistered hits – which can be an issue with some laser tag systems, causing frustrated and unhappy customers.

Long Range Shot

This focus first, on engineering the BEST in the field optics has a number of benefits. Intager Pro laser tag optics combined with Intager Receiver Technology create a laser tag gun with shooting range up to 180+ meters (200 yards) in full sunshine.

Shooting Range Scale

With PRO quality laser tag optics, and our own custom developed network, customers can set the distance of the shooting range depending on your games, location, player roles, or created weapon types. For example; flamethrower, shotgun, sniper rifle or machine gun.

Indoor or Outdoor

Multi-Color LEDs – Team Colors and Other Signals

Other signals like received hits, frozen blaster, flag holder…

OnBoard, Hi-Resoultion Color LCD Screen

High performance in bright sunshine, the stronger the sun is shining, the better the visibility. Straight forward info, convenient position during the game, oriented towards the player.

Ergonomic Design

Light weight of 1 kg with perfect shape for gaming. Safe rubber protection – do not hazard injuries with sharp edges!

Adjustable Volume

Set the volume of all the laser tag devices by one click.

Extra Durable

Solid, strong materials with professional design.

Feedback & Design

Sights Powered From Raptor3 Built-n Battery

High quality sight is an essential component for the perfect game experience. Forget the continuous battery problem and operate the sights straight from the Raptor3 built-in battery.

Get a Sound Effect After Each Successful Hit

Enrich your laser game experience with this important feature and let the players get a feedback when they hit the target successfully.

Built-in Sensors

So the blaster also receives hits.

Vibration & Recoil

Built-in vibration motor for hit feedback and other features.

Secondary Shot

Use as a grenade launcher, flame, freezer or any special type in any Intager Game.

Professional laser tag guns from Intager Entertainment are part of the innovative PLATFORM3 laser tag system. A turnkey hardware, software and marketing platform for any size indoor, outdoor or mobile laser tag operator. For more information on the Raptor3 tag gun, or the complete equipment package, please contact us at your earliest convenience.