laser tag vest

Wireless Laser Tag Operations

Having lots of LED’s across the front, chest, shoulders and back of your vest, means additional onboard electronics, additional weight, additional cabling and battery use, the potential for long term repairs and maintenance, and it adds to your equipment costs. It also means a lot of confusion for your players… was it the red and blue pattern for the flag carrier, or was it the blue and flashing white pattern?

Great laser tag isn’t about how many LED’s you can get onto a vest, it’s about good game play, perfect and consistent accuracy and easy to understand in-game notifications for your players. Intager respects this basic foundation of gaming by providing a robust, yet simple vest option that includes targets where target are needed and no more.

Connection via Bluetooth 5.0 is ribust, convenient and hands-free. Wireless laser tag – the way it was meant to be!

Intager Laser Tag
Simple. Robust. Effective.
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Wireless Laser Tag