igm game manager

The IGM is the all-in-one solution for indoor, outdoor and mobile laser tag operations.

Simple, intuitive game management software with an easy point-and-click familiar interface, that provides complete game, player and inventory control.


Download Full Game Presets to use - or Customize them For Your Business.

Intager supplies new games frequently and provides a wide variety of game pre-sets. Since all arenas, players and expectations are different, Intager also provides an easy way to customize the games and game parameters. Create your own games, or modify our templates, then save them as your own for use any time and any where.

Start a Laser Tag Game in Seconds

Arrange and save your game configurations, and start any of them with a simple click.

configure your own custom laser tag games

Easily Create Your own Games

In many systems, sitting down to create or modify a new game is like having to learn a new programming language…Ugh!

The Intager IGM makes this task point and click easy and yes – fun! Create your own, unique games and grab your players’ attention with regular updates and modifications. Never the same game twice!

Alternatively, we are gamers and love creating new games. Let us know what you want, and we’ll set forth to make it happen!

intager laser tag management

Control All Aspects of Your Business

From Game Play to Inventory Management.

The IGM gives operators complete, intuitive control over all aspects of game management. From your equipment inventory, to player control and game set-up as well as the ability to manage any screen inside your facility.

  • Your laser tag armory
  • Sounds and EFX
  • Screen management 
  • Multiple scoreboards
  • Device control (desktop, tablet or mobile)
  • Create games quickly or immediately replay the same game over
  •  Update your software with a single click across all your inventory
  • Download new games from Intager Games
  • Customize any game, any parameter easily
  • Management reporting to reconcile game receipts
  • Maintenance logs and support from within IGM

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Screen Management

Scoreboards and More.

Part of PLATFORM3, the IGM is more than just easy scoreboard management, the IGM is also a marketing machine. Put any static graphic or video on any screen in your facility.

Want to broadcast a party message, or share a new weapon or role from a new game of the month. It’s all easy with the IGM point-and-click interface. Brilliant!

For a no obligation review of PLATFORM3, the SmartBox and the IGM, please reach out to us at your convenience.