Equipment for Laser Tag

Choosing the best laser tag equipment for your entertainment business.
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About Laser Tag

If you are starting a new indoor laser tag business, having the best equipment is probably top of your to-do list. If you are currently operating a fun center, amusement attraction or mobile party event business, and thinking about adding laser tag as an attraction that can have a positive impact on your bottom line, then you too may be looking for the best laser tag equipment for your business.

Having the best equipment for commercial laser tag means a few different things:

  • Resilient and durable equipment
  • Easy laser tag operations
  • Low maintenance
  • Unique and expandable game play
  • 24/7 support and service

laser tag vest for indoor and outdoorThis seems like a no-brainer, but not all laser tag hardware or the provided service and support are the same. Today, we know there are a LOT of choices out there when it comes to laser tag. However, not that long ago, there were half a dozen or so well know north American brands that mostly dominated the indoor laser tag business here in the Americas. Recently that has begun to change, as more and more off-shore laser tag providers have entered the US market, while having been previously focused mostly on the European, Asian markets and outdoor laser tag markets.

This is a good thing for consumer choice. As long as you know what it is you are buying, and the costs of the “complete” package; including local service and support.

That said, lets take a look at our list point by point.

Resilient and Durable

If you don’t already know, you will on your very first day – laser tag equipment takes a major beating. Drops, bangs, running into walls, running into each other, dropping your gear on the concrete floor in your suit-up room, and all in the first game played, and every game there after. Over time, this daily process of normal wear and tear from your players can have a dramatic effect on the performance and maintenance of your equipment.

Easy Laser Tag Operations

Laser tag has come a long way since I was a laser tag operator, and over those years, the process of operations has been stream-lined on many fronts. Built-in equipment diagnostics, end of day reporting, one-button game start, automated video briefings, really cool member options and in-game player upgrades, to name a few. Looking at laser tag – from an operators perspective, the really big one over the last few years has been completely wireless charging.

Low Maintenance

Having been a laser tag operator, I have had the pleasure (a little sarcasm there) of spending hours in the tech room combining pieces from 3 broken phasers into one that I can use. Not fun when there is a business to run, and you shouldn’t really need to be doing it in the first place. Now granted, that was a number of years ago – but having been there, I can tell you, I know very quickly when some feature or piece of hardware is going to be good for the business, or just more work for staff.

Unique Game Play

Today, all commercial indoor laser tag equipment come standard out of the box with a wide variety both solo and team games. Many provide a wide assortment of interactive bases, targets and arena sensors or mines that can be used as sentry’s and provide lighting and effects through the integration of DMX and other control modules.

Service and Support

It is in this final category where – in my opinion – the biggest difference is made when deciding on which equipment is the best choice for your laser tag business. When it comes to those off-shore commercial laser tag suppliers mentioned earlier, if you have an issue with your equipment or game software, what kind of local service do they provide? Are they available via telephone for emergency support? Are they available after hours and on the weekends for emergency support? Is there a cost or an ongoing fee for that service/support? Believe me, when you have a full-house, paid group of players for a special event on a saturday night, and run into a wifi connection issue it is really nice to have a company behind you that provide free emergency support 24/7.

Many laser tag suppliers today have started to charge for service and support after your warranty expires, in fact most of them mandate that you must have an extended warranty purchased or you will get no support. In some cases I have heard of suppliers demanding an ongoing licensing fee in order to even use the equipment… costing any where from $3,000 – to and additional $7,000 per year.

When it comes to service and support – be sure you ask the tough questions; is there support after hours? Is there emergency support? Are there any fees for after hours support? Any ongoing year after year licenses required for support?

In summary – when it comes to the best equipment for your laser tag business, make sure all of the boxes are ticked and make sense for your business goals.

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