No Longer Just a Kids Game...

We know, that today the average aged video game player is 34 years old. We call this the New Gamer Demographic, and if you are opening an indoor laser tag business, it is the most important demographic to LONG TERM success for your business.

ARENA-X is a completely new approach to interactive, high-touch, high-octane, authentic gaming adventure for this new entertainment reality – the Gamer demographic.

No longer just a “kids game”, your laser tag arena should not be a kids arena. There is a saying out there – a 30 year old isn’t going to have the most fun playing in an 8 year olds arena, but an 8 year old is going to have one helluva of fun playing in a 30 year olds arena.

This is our design philosophy. Our goal, our mission. Stop by the ARENA-X website to know about laser tag arena.

ARENA-X is a mission-based, role-playing video game add-on for your laser tag arena. Designed specifically to attract the gamer demographic during the slower weekdays and evening hours, helping laser tag operators drive paid revenue seven days a week.

arena-x laser tag arena